Invasion of the Cybermen
Doctor: First Doctor
Companion(s): Malcolm
Featuring: UNIT
Main Enemy: Cybermen
Main Setting: London, 2013
Release Details
Story Number: 4b
Series: 1
Premiere Broadcast: 15th June 2013
Format: 1x45 minute episode
Production Code: 1.5
The Barron Planet The Shining

Invasion of the Cybermen was the fifth episode of the first series. It was the episode that concluded the story started in The Barron Planet.

It also introduced alien defence group, UNIT.


As the Cybermen advance on Earth, the Doctor meets a special ops group, who try and stop the threat.


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  • The First Doctor - Mark Hamill
  • Malcolm Jennings - Ewan McGregor
  • Brigadier Leadworth - Peter Cushing
  • Major Connor - Robert Downey Jr.
  • Corporal Slick - Daniel Radcliffe
  • Cyber Commander - Anthony Bankes
  • UNIT Operatives - Gregory Manson, Samual Kendall, Bruce Benson, Nick Obian, Joe Hicks
  • Cybermen - Hans Hands, Bob Smith, Owen Leadson, Conrad Jenkins
  • Voice of the Cybermen - Nicholas Briggs