Lost Brothers
Doctor: First Doctor
Companion(s): Malcolm Jennings
Featuring: UNIT
Main Enemy: The Master
Main Setting: London, 2013
Release Details
Story Number: 7a
Series: 1
Premiere Broadcast: 6th July 2013
Format: 1x45 minute episode
Production Code: 1.8
The Corrupted World Rise of the Master

Lost Brothers was the eighth episode of the first series. It was the first episode in the two-part finale.

It also reintroduced Nestor, who was thought dead at the end of Everything Changes, now calling himself the Master.


When the Doctor comes face to face with someone who should be dead, he must choose who to save, the world... or his brother.


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  • The First Doctor - Mark Hamill
  • Malcolm Jennings - Ewan McGregor
  • The Master - Hayden Christensen
  • Brigadier Leadworth - Peter Cushing
  • Major Connor - Robert Downey Jr.
  • Corporal Slick - Daniel Radcliffe
  • UNIT Operatives - Sonja Williams, Mo Docks, Scott Hills, James Moore



  • This episode went through rigorous title changes, with titles from 'Brothers in Arms' to 'A Misunderstood Situation'